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Bringing California’s Highest Quality Vape Cartridge in a Luxurious Fashion.

Welcome to the Westcoast Vape Co. Dogpound!

With a variety of flavors to choose from, you can keep medicating safely to higher levels!

We offer only the finest top tier quality ingredients. From seed to cartridge, we can ensure the cleanest and smoothest vape experience on the market. We will NOT and will NEVER use tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E acetate), vegetable glycerin, propelyne glycol, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), artificial terpenes, fillers, additives or any cutting agents in our vaporizer products to ensure you can vape in confidence!

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Best Flavor & Aroma

Expect to taste an explosion of flavor every puff you take. Each unique flavor packing a strong punch while allowing you to smoke socially or discreetly.

Quality Ingredients

West Coast Vape Co. has the highest standards of cannabis oil in the world and as such, all of our products are extensively tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure we maintain that same high standard.

Crafted In California

Our product is made, loved, and sold right here in Cali. Made with the highest grade of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids delicately extracted from fruits, botanicals, and raw cannabis flowers. This allows for a complexity of flavor profiles. All of which provide a unique health benefit.

Premium Grade Concentrates

Our passion for this industry and product has allowed us to craft the best vape cartridge smoking experience where luxury meets quality every single time.

You Deserve A QUALITY Vape Cart

Don’t settle for a low-grade flower that won’t get the job done. Take a puff of our cartridge, exhale the negative, and take your high to a whole new level.


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We are dedicated to creating a consistent, all-natural product that you can trust.

Our raw material is usually indoor,
but always free of microbes, pesticides or toxins.

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